We engineer systemic change initiatives

Through quality and actionable research we understand nature and humanity’s vital needs, and on that basis build impact initiatives and Intellectual Property.

We believe in the power of Open Innovation. We bring together like-minded, impactful partner organisations in consortium(s) to deliver on key shifts identified to step change a system or industry.

The result is what we call I+C (Intellectual Property + Consortium of Partners), which helps define crisp investment thesis and investment mandates.

We invest in and grow companies that deliver on EStari’s vision

Though holistic and interdisciplinary investment management we nurture, incubate and scale up companies that have high impact and systems change potential, and are partner ready.

We support major capital market players (incl. investors, and corporate) to better select, manage and grow the next generation of companies.


Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash