At Estari, we care about the future and believe intelligent capital can both grow and promote more sustainable cities, better food systems and improved workplace experiences.

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Building sustainable cities, regenerative food systems and skilled & engaged workforce will generate massive economic and societal value. We support businesses that have the resilience and the focus to build part of the solutions.

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Our Vision

We want to contribute to the creation of a more sustainable, healthy and equitable world in which humans thrive by being more connected to each other, mindful of nature and fulfilled at work and in their lives.

Technological advancements, research and innovation hold the key to creating this positive change.

Our Mission

Our mission is to find and scale up innovative ideas and companies that drive systemic change around our investment themes: the Future of Cities, the Future of Food and the Future of Work.

Estari’s Investment Themes are interconnected: implementing positive change in one will impact the other. To take just an illustration, cities act as major drivers shaping the food chain and the work environment, eventually impacting human physical and mental health.


Estari team has considerable investment know-how and deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in each of Estari’s investment themes.

Team members gained professional experience in top tier institutions such as Bain & Company, HarbourVest, Morgan Stanley, Linklaters or Edmond de Rothschild.

The team builds on a diverse education background across Continental Europe, the UK and the US. 

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Jean Baptiste Oldenhove
Markus Thadaney
Viktor Kovalev
Judith Debbasch
Sebastien Mahieu
Gaetane Schaeken
Brieuc De Witte
Richard Dennis OBE