Making the sustainability transition happen, at a stage where it is most needed

Climate change, demographics, digitalisation and artifical intelligence have put in motion a deep transformation of the world economy, that will span over decades.

This systemic change is building momentum for disruptive entrepreneurs that have fully embraced sustainability challenges as foundation for their business.

At Estari, we believe there is an indisputable edge for solutions that make our world more sustainable, healthier and more equitable.

Estari brings together investors who are keen to support Europe’s leadership in sustainability, by allocating growth capital to companies that make the transition happen around our investment themes.

Our story

Estari was founded in 2018 by Jean Baptiste Oldenhove.

Jean Baptiste has a decade of investments and executive experience in positive change towards clean and renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and a circular economy in fabrics.

Jean Baptiste created a number of renewable platforms across Europe - producing today more than 1.5 TWh of clean energy and employing more than 100 people across Sweden, France, Austria and Germany.

Jean Baptiste also contributed to research and development in microbes and microorganisms applied to plants and soils in agriculture aiming at improved productivity for farmers across both developed and less developed agri-economies (United States, Brazil, Mexico, India, China and Spain).

And finally, Jean Baptiste’s leadership led to the acceleration, at international level, of a textile brand using 100% recycled fabrics for its products (up-cycling waste from oceans).